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Survivor Wins: Support Dowry Violence Survivors. Dowry Violence is a convenient form of violence not only against women/girls but men/boys as well.

Regretfully, there exists a very strong elitist consensus and it is not mentioned and recognized as a separate entity or a form of GBV . Hence, it remains buried in the "private sphere" of domestic violence.

survivor wins

Our Position on this issue is that

  • Dowry violence survivors must not be stigmatized
  • Dowry violence is marring the institution of marriage
  • Dowry violence is conveniently forgotten by the masses & classes.
  • Dowry Violence not only harms women/girls but men in their role as father/brother/bread winners
  • 333 Survivors
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  • All of you can do so By Convincing Yourself that Dowry practice and psychological and or physical violence due to lack or absence of dowry on any woman is a form of violence. Dowry Violence is different from other forms of GBV or VAW because it is subtle, it remains buried in the sacred sphere of domestic violence, it vanishes behind an “accidental kitchen injury/death” and people find it too difficult to admit because of “honour” reasons. Adding to the complexity is the fact that journalists ,when do not find a burnt body to sell the story often do not give coverage to the issues of dowry. By transferring the self awareness to your friends and family members.
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  • Those who are socially privileged may go a step further and strengthen the cause By helping a victim( girl herself or her siblings, parents) to transform into a survivor By offering psychological and or legal counseling By assisting an affected woman to get a paid job By engaging violent men/boys in a dialogue that may lead to change in their outlook Join Survivor Wins – A group of volunteers to Support Dowry Violence Survivors. Just fill in this form or send email with your details click here. Also Join us at google groups and twitter.
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  • Those of you who are practicing activists and believe in making a difference can further support the cause By socially discouraging those who believe in the custom and institution of dowry By not attending marriages where vulgar display of wealth is likely to take place By attending such marriages ( if you cannot avoid) with a sign of protest-say a black band around your arm or a note in your gift pack By integrating this cause in your organization`s mandate ( if you have one) By arranging a session on the issue for all the staff members/colleagues/friends who are getting married shortly.

These are some suggestions. There are unlimited ways and means to support the cause provided your heart and head are in agreement that Dowry is detrimental to the health and happiness of a society.

Adopt a Cause

Is an innovative initiative by us that establishes an ethical and between creative anger by rakhshi and its intellectual ally on the issues of dowry violence survivors. All registered non-profits engaged in humanitarian services and Private Sector organizations demonstrating the corporate responsibility are welcome to enter into this binding. The entry point is signing of a MoU (can be acquired by sending an e-request).