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A think tank to promote dialogue on the neglected faces of gender inequity in policies, society and development strategies.

Sinf Surat Pakistan is another initiative of our passion to keep alive the presence of complex spectrum of gender in the public policy and programs directly related to and or influencing social sector development in Pakistan. Sinf Surat (sinf is the urdu alternative of Gender. surat mean face and method in Urdu).

  • Mandated Objectives

With a special focus on Pakistani perspectives, the initiative is focused on the following mandated objectives:

  • To initiate dialogues among development professionals and decision-makers on gender dimensions that are connected to the human development spheres.
  • To institute a professional and intellectual bond with national and international organizations for the social and technical institutionalization of gender (sinf) in Pakistan through culturally appropriate and politically tolerable initiatives/action plans

Sinf Surat puts in the picture an exclusive outlook, broadly, in two ways:

  • First, by adopting an empathetic approach in gender analysis ( our approach is thus gender and development and do not focus on women for concessions)
  • Second, by an unbiased examination of issues of regional importance from peoples` perspectives. We believe in folk wisdom and encourage the capacity to look at the regional problems with our own lens rather than solely relying on solutions developed in alienation
  • Mandated Activities

In the present times, gender has emerged as a popular theme in the development agenda. However, to any serious student and practitioner of gender, thematic layers challenge is how to prevent the spirit of integrating gender in development policy,programs,projects and actions once it is declared as a “cross cutting theme”?

It's mandated activities include research and workshops:


  • Qualitative
  • Participatory


  • Orientation
  • Awareness
  • Sensitization
  • Policy advocacy
  • Skills building
  • Stakeholders


  • Development Students
  • Practices
  • Policy Makers
  • Public Representatives
  • Technical Experts and Activists


Gender Dimensions in:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Governance
  • Peace
  • Media
  • Political initiatives

As a medical doctor turned civic entrepreneur, Dr. R Perveen, has always sought intellectual inspirations from the legendary Economist Dr. Mahbub ul Haq who revolutionalized the entire development thinking by introducing and promoting people centred development paradigm and advanced this paradigm. She continued her journey by learning and struggling to find ways and means of establishing micro models of development based on empathy and ethics. In this quest she developed a keen interest in the ideas and interpretation of Prof. Dr. Amartya Sen. She is especially interested in bringing to the common knowledge and recognition of all stake holders the seven faces of gender inequity, identified by the Nobel Laureate. “Gender equality is necessary condition for sound human development." This particular thought of Dr. Mahbub Ul Haq was so overwhelming that unconsciously her focus started on indigenous gender perspectives and she started to attempt to demystify gender “considered as an imported donor agenda item” in early 90`s. When she switched over from clinical practice to public health in the earlier part of her career. However, the power of Dr.Haq`s ideas channeled her passions and her MPH thesis that earned distinction. On her return to Pakistan as the Executive Director of SACHET Pakistan, she materialized the communication model that she presented in her thesis into a TV series (Gender Watch) that not only revived the Urdu alternative of gender (sinf) but initiated a public discourse on gender issues especially among the young people of Pakistan. Gender Watch earned many awards including the Pride of performance by the state owned and controlled PTV that for the first time in its history included a private production in project (Gender watch series) to ensure technical sustainability of the initiative by institutionalizing it.

Poetic VIMISSION of Sinf Surat

Faiz`s poem...meray dard ko jo zuban milay officially adopted on 17th June 2010 (vision + mission)

If my suffering found a tongue
  • My suffering is a song unsung
  • my soul a speck without a seal
  • If my suffering found a tongue My name and sign it would reveal.
  • If of my soul I found the sign
  • I would perceive the worlds design,
  • If this secret were in m y reach
  • My silence would acquire speech,
  • Sway over all created things
  • And the empire of both worlds be mine.

Dr.Sarvat Rahman, "The author is a graduate of Lady Hardinge Medical College,New Delhi,who after working in various hospitals in India, had a career of fundamental research immunology in France. Inheriting the love if of letters and of Urdu and Persian poetry from her  family traditions,particularly her erudite mother,she has,after retirement,returned from France to  her  family home in Dehra Dun. She tries to further the knowledge of Urdu, and its poetic sensibility, by translation of its classic poets into English” From the flap of100 poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz Translated from the original Urdu by Sarvat Rahman