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We have completed scores of projects with International development agencies and the deliverables were analytical reports and case study reports on issues of gender based violence, reproductive health, art work on issues of HIV

Our projects also include videos on HIV testimonies and a book on the economic empowerment of certain special groups of women based on the ideas generated by Sinf Surat

Some of our previous work are:

  • Successful Social Entrepreneur Heart and Head Together

    social entrepeneur Social entrepreneurship can lead to strengthening of economic freedom/free market economy, provided certain conditions are fulfilled. Thus, many young, passionate and talented members of the society emerge as leaders in non-profits and business. Something tangible like a research-based publication or training program should offer support to the interested youth of Pakistan. This guidebook in the series EFN Business Consultant for Success dares this attempt.

  • Beyond Denial Violence Against Women in Pakistan A Qualitative Review

    beyonf denail This report is based on the review and analysis of the numerical figures and tables received from the selected newspapers of six regions of Pakistan through the Intermedia to the Aurat Foundation regarding violence committed against women and children during the calendar year 2012. The report is divided broadly into three parts. Part one encapsulates the reported cases and presents an analysis. Part two is further divided into five parts to look into the greater details of the VAW in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & FATA and ICT. Part three is in an abridgment of the last five years on the reported cases of the VAW in the same regions of Pakistan.

  • Rapid Assessment:Health Sector Capacity and Response to Gender-based Violence

    Rapid Assessment Dr R. Perveen, the principal investigator of the study has highlighted the key attitudinal, policy level, institutional and capacity related gaps on part of health service providers to address GBV as a health issue in her findings. She has also shared the voices of health service providers from the field regarding capacity related needs, security challenges and policy level barriers to address GBV in health service delivery in this report.The assessment study was conducted by WHO and the Ministry of Health as a part of the One UN Joint Initiative for Gender mainstreaming

  • A Tax Break For Economic Freedom.

    Tax break The Case of Divorced Mothers, Divorced, Disabled and Never Married Pakistani Women. it is to unveil one of the hidden faces of gender inequity in connection with the taxation with the hope and objective of generating a discourse in the circle of feminists, gender experts, human rights and women rights activists, legislators, policy makers, financial pundits and media in Pakistan, on this multifaceted issue for creating if not claiming a space for policy advocacy. i pray that this discourse may also include the ordinary women who suddenly discover that their singular identity is “disabled”, “divorced”, “divorced mothers” as well as “never married”.

  • Violence Against Women in Pakistan: A qualitative review of statistics for 2009.

    Violence Against Women A qualitative review of statistics for 2009. Apart from the dates, little else has changed overtime. Women are suffering from the same crimes of violence committed against them over and over again. The apathy of the political elite is the same. The lack of understanding on the part of the women parliamentarians is the same. If there has been any change, it is in the level of cruelty shown to women during the year under review. Earlier women were first killed and then buried. Now they are being buried alive. Earlier the women were kidnapped and shot to death, this year they are not only kidnapped but also thrown before dogs prior to being killed. Of course, the other change is in the number cases of VAW that have increased substantially!

  • Forgotten - Dowry: A socially endorsed form of violence in Pakistan.

    Forgotten - Dowry The primary objective of this research is to identify the forms and determinants of dowry systems and understand the link between dowry and violence against women/girls in Pakistan. Highlighting customary forms of violence against women, the study intends to reflect the vulnerability of Pakistani women and analyze trends, such as the increase in cases. It aims to articulate existing perceptions and perspectives of actors including the state, media, local communities and survivors of violence in a situation assessment that would provide the basis for designing future strategies in a culturally sensitive way, and to recommend strategic interventions for ending dowry related gender based violence in Pakistan.


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