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We have produced award winning TV programs and documentaries,the later are popularly used as advocacy tool in Pakistan .

Our main theme for these documentaries remained gender, reproductive health, AIDS and social awareness for fight against dowry in Pakistan. Our TV programs on Gender was a pioneering indigenous behavior change communication or strategic communication effort on gender issues.


Some of our previous work in making short films and documentaries are:

  • Beyond Judgment: It was selected as one of the 13 short films for screening at an International Conference on Communication strategies for AIDS held in Kualaumpur, Malaysia in May 2007. This short English documentary (5 min. 40 sec.) is one of my experimental works. It takes the complex linkages between the institution of marriage, practice of MSM and vulnerability of wives of men who are in this practice to HIV in the cultural context of Pakistan. It was produced on behalf of young TV producers Asian Association Network, Asia Pacific institute of Development Broadcasts. This documentary is being widely screened in Pakistan and used as the advocacy tool.
  • RHIYA: It stands for Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia. Concept, Script, Research and Direction for a 15-minute Documentary Reproductive Health Issues of Pakistani Youth under the umbrella of a seven-country project RHIYA by UNFPA, funded by European Commission in 2005. It was screened at the RHIYA Summit in 2006.
  • From Khyber to Karachi: The documentary reflects National AIDS Control Program and FHI’s response to the challenge being posed by looming threats of an HIV/AIDS epidemic which has already got its roots as a concentrated epidemic in two of the high risk groups of HIV/AIDS. It depicts the program activities being implemented at various geographical sites in Pakistan which have been established under this program for delivery of clinical and non-clinical services. Deliverable: an 11-minute broadcast quality video documentary film for policy advocacy. It was also selected for screening at schsute festival,Potsdam,Germany-2009.
  • FAD - Fight Against Dowry: FAD produced a 13-episode TV Magazine Show FAD-Fight Against Dowry (Jehaiz K Khilaf Jang).
  • Gender Watch: An award winning TV programmer by Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen that pioneered public discourse on gender in Pakistan It was a pioneering indigenous behavior change communication or strategic communication effort on gender issues. Gender watch was an effort for creating awareness among the people about " gender discrimination". Its main objective was to aware people about the fact that how gender discrimination is responsible for creating hurdles in progress and development of our country. Another important thing displayed in this program is that we all have to work together with unity and without any type of gender discrimination for our development. It's our own responsibility to think over it and to take stand against gender discrimination. We all have to play our role in this context. All programs of gender watch were based on research. To make this program interesting and knowledgeable, many segments were included like information segment, poetry segment, song segment, and gender post office segment.

Work Themes

Documentaries are also available on other themes related to development and can be produced according to the needs of the clients.